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Facebook Privacy Settings

Posted on June 6th, by Cathy Olsen in Tutorial. No Comments

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I hope you enjoyed my first 'How to' video!  Sorry about the birds chirping.  Hopefully that made it more entertaining.

News came out earlier this week that Facebook will start developing Facebook pages that will be available for kids younger than 13.  WHAT?!!  I guess that's one easy way to increase their total subscriber numbers.  One thing is for sure.

Facebook is not going away!

Kids need to know how to use it an Parents need to be aware of HOW their kids are using it.

Why friends only?

I mentioned over and over “Select Friends only” in my video cast.  Sometimes it would be nice for friends of friends to see a cute picture or post.  HOWEVER, lets do the math.

I have about 600 friends on Facebook.  Each of those friends probably have at least 400+ friends on Facebook.  If I list something … Read More »

How to Create a Strong Password

Posted on May 29th, by Cathy Olsen in Technology Explained, Tutorial. 2 comments

We've all had it happen to us before ..

My Gmail account got Hacked!!  Please don’t respond to the messages that were sent out!!

How did my gmail account get Hacked?

We all have our favorite e-mail accounts.  After a while you have signed up so many subscriptions, you have entered the e-mail address into so many sites that eventually an EVIL HACKER gets a hold of this 'legitimate' e-mail address.  Then, it is just a matter of time for that account to be hacked. Hackers have access to several password cracking tools.  All a hacker needs is Processing Power and Time to TAKE OVER.  Processing power is pretty cheap and a hacker may have plenty of TIME until you decide to change your password.  So you may think that your password is VERY clever.  However, that account in the wrong hands will eventually get cracked.  I … Read More »

Netflix for Kids

Posted on May 19th, by Cathy Olsen in Popular, Tutorial. 3 comments

Kids love Netflix!

We dropped our cable two years ago. I LOVE TV, but was not satisfied with the cable bills and the programming available. We have had Netflix streaming since we made the switch.

I love Netflix!

Especially for my kids! I was used to having a DVR and being able to turn on a show for the kids during the day. Netflix is the best substitute with all of the selection of streaming content they have available.

What’s the problem with Netflix for Kids?

There are too many Netflix enabled devices!  It would be impossible to physically monitor all of the devices.


Netflix in my home

We do have a streaming account.

One kid can turn it on.

I have parental controls enabled.

We have a Blu-Ray Player, Wii Nintendo system, iPad, iTouch, and iPhone.

My kids usually watch something on Netflix at least once a day. Lately a … Read More »

YouTube for Kids

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Securemama Speaks on YouTube for Kids!

I was recently on a local TV program to talk about YouTube safety Tips. I have recently created an updated post with more helpful hint for parents to know how to protect their kids.  Scroll down to see the TV clip!

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We all love YouTube!

It can be very entertaining (The laughing yoga videos are my new favorite).

It can be very educational.

It can be inspiring.

Overall, it's great tool and it's not going away.

But is there a YouTube for Kids?

The scenario is very familiar. We let the kids watch something on YouTube. It's a very entertaining video. They are then displayed similar videos. They can easily click through series of videos. Here's the problem:

This trail of YouTube videos can … Read More »

What is Google Safe Search?

Posted on May 3rd, by Cathy Olsen in Popular, Tutorial. 8 comments

Don’t put your kids out to sea! Teach them how to do a google safe search!

During the BYU Women’s Conference, the most common question I received was, “I have web filter installed (K9, or NetNanny).  Why do I sometimes get bad images coming up on Google?  There was a cute little grandma that said, “My Granddaughter's name is Lily.  She typed “Lily Love” into the search bar.  You wouldn't believe the images that came up!!  AND I had K9 running at the time!” Apparently there is a 'Lily Love' in the adult entertainment community.

My answer .. “You need to turn on google safe search.”

What is google safe search?

Explained .. The web filters installed and running on your computer ALLOW content from google, or any other search engine.  The search engine itself should have a safe search setting.  This would … Read More »

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