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Facebook Privacy Settings

Posted on June 6th, by Cathy Olsen in Tutorial. No Comments

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I hope you enjoyed my first 'How to' video!  Sorry about the birds chirping.  Hopefully that made it more entertaining.

News came out earlier this week that Facebook will start developing Facebook pages that will be available for kids younger than 13.  WHAT?!!  I guess that's one easy way to increase their total subscriber numbers.  One thing is for sure.

Facebook is not going away!

Kids need to know how to use it an Parents need to be aware of HOW their kids are using it.

Why friends only?

I mentioned over and over “Select Friends only” in my video cast.  Sometimes it would be nice for friends of friends to see a cute picture or post.  HOWEVER, lets do the math.

I have about 600 friends on Facebook.  Each of those friends probably have at least 400+ friends on Facebook.  If I list something … Read More »

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