Securemama goes to BYUWomen’s Conference! Success!

Posted on April 28th, by Cathy Olsen in Securemama Site. 2 comments



Well, Women's Conference was a GREAT experience!  Above was the FAVORITE poster of the day!  My mom said I should trademark it.  Ha!  No use … I'll just post it here and if you want the full image let me know.  EVERYTHING IS FREE!!

I have a renewed vigor and motivation to help parents, grandparents … ANYONE protect their loved ones from the dangers of the Internet.  There were so many people that said, “Wow!  Thank you so much for doing this!!”  So there you go!  I'm glad to help!

I started a facebook page.  Here's a link!  I have 13 likes in less than 24 hours!  YOU LOVE ME … YOU REALLY LOVE ME!!  I'll create one of those cute Facebook gadgets soon.  There are more pictures of my booth on the Securemama Facebook page.

I met a few people at a class at Women's Conference that have started a grass roots organization to teach parents about the dangers of the Internet and how to protect their children.  It is called Women for Decency.  Even though I was gone for the past 2 days, I did sneak away to go to part of their training seminar.  Each person is an advocate for Internet Safety for their school district and promotes WRAP week .. White Ribbon Against Pornography.  They also hold teaching seminars to teach parents how to protect their kids.   It's a great organization for a good cause.  I'm glad to be a part of something bigger and hopefully they can use my IT expertise.



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  1. Jan Garbett says:

    Your user friendly language and metaphors are the best I’ve read. Thank you for being one of our first participants Saturday as we launched membership in Women for Decency. I’m planning to use some of these excellent tips in a presentation I will be giving at Uplift Utah Family Mechanics 101 May 5 at 3:00 pm on Internet Safety 101. Women for Decency is dedicated to helping moms acquire skills they’ve never seen modeled: Media literacy, Birds & Bees talks through ages & stages, and of course I.T. for mummies. Thank you for being willing to contribute your expertise.

  2. wathy64 says:

    Glad you like the content! I’m happy to help out!

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