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iTouch/iPhone Security for kids and Teens

Posted on February 9th, by Cathy Olsen in Mobile Security, Popular, Web Surfing. 7 comments

The top requested present this year for kids ages 10-15 was an iTouch. Those ages 15+, it was an iPhone, or iPad. I LOVE the iTouch. I got it for one of my anniversary gifts two years ago and I posted on my blog how I like gadgets better than jewelry. Fast forward two years and I have an iPad and iPhone as well. Ok, we get it. Everyone loves apple products, so what are the implications of these AMAZING devices.

An iTouch, iPhone, iPad are very similar to a COMPUTER. Let me repeat.  THEY ARE JUST LIKE A COMPUTER!!! The blogs about Internet Safety have been telling us for years to keep our computers in a 'public' location. The kitchen, family room, somewhere where you are likely to be seen. Also, the sites you are browsing can be seen. Any … Read More »

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