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Netflix for Kids

Posted on May 19th, by Cathy Olsen in Popular, Tutorial. 3 comments

Kids love Netflix!

We dropped our cable two years ago. I LOVE TV, but was not satisfied with the cable bills and the programming available. We have had Netflix streaming since we made the switch.

I love Netflix!

Especially for my kids! I was used to having a DVR and being able to turn on a show for the kids during the day. Netflix is the best substitute with all of the selection of streaming content they have available.

What’s the problem with Netflix for Kids?

There are too many Netflix enabled devices!  It would be impossible to physically monitor all of the devices.


Netflix in my home

We do have a streaming account.

One kid can turn it on.

I have parental controls enabled.

We have a Blu-Ray Player, Wii Nintendo system, iPad, iTouch, and iPhone.

My kids usually watch something on Netflix at least once a day. Lately a … Read More »

YouTube for Kids

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Securemama Speaks on YouTube for Kids!

I was recently on a local TV program to talk about YouTube safety Tips. I have recently created an updated post with more helpful hint for parents to know how to protect their kids.  Scroll down to see the TV clip!

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We all love YouTube!

It can be very entertaining (The laughing yoga videos are my new favorite).

It can be very educational.

It can be inspiring.

Overall, it's great tool and it's not going away.

But is there a YouTube for Kids?

The scenario is very familiar. We let the kids watch something on YouTube. It's a very entertaining video. They are then displayed similar videos. They can easily click through series of videos. Here's the problem:

This trail of YouTube videos can … Read More »

Parental Controls – Keep that “Baby Gate” up!!

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So you may wonder, is there any way to enforce the Online Agreement? Just like we set up a baby gate in front of the stairs for a toddler, we can set up restrictions for a kids’ account on the computer.

With all of the screen interaction these days you may try to limit the time that your child spends on the computer. The newer operating systems have Parental controls, which limit computer time according to limits set by the parent.

Windows 7

The Windows 7 Parental controls are not as extensive as the Windows Vista Parental Controls. They allow controls for the following:

Time limits – Time of day that they are allowed to use the computer
Programs – Which programs or applications are they allowed to use?
Game Ratings – What types of computer games can they play? This uses the … Read More »

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