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Never Accept IT Help from Random Callers!

Posted on May 18th, by Cathy Olsen in Recent Trends. 2 comments

It's great to think that someone in India might be really concerned about the status of our computers.  However, it is most likely a scam. My mother-in-law got a call last night.  The caller had a very thick Indian accent.

Caller: Hello, I am calling from the Global Internet Maintenance Department.  We are receiving a lot of messages from your Computer.  You must have a virus.  If you can go to your computer I will walk you through the steps to fix the issue.


Mother-in-law: Ummm.. my computer is acting weird. I can't get the Internet to work.  But my daughter-in-law usually fixes my computer.

Caller: Yes, this must be it.  We need to fix it now.

Mother-in-law:  But I don't know how to do computer stuff.  I need to talk to my daughter-in-law.

Caller: Go get your daughter-in-law NOW.

Mother-in-law:  She doesn't live here and … Read More »

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