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What is the Cloud?

Posted on July 18th, by Cathy Olsen in Internet Safety, Technology Explained. No Comments

What is the cloud?

Are you too embarrassed at this point to ask, “What is the Cloud?”  Just like a Neighbor that moved in a year ago, it’s a little awkward to ask their name now.  Don’t worry it is never too late to learn!

The cloud is a computing service that is not tied to a physical device or server, but a network of server farms that can allocate resources appropriately.  Typically computing was restricted to a physical hard drive and a physical computer.  Now with cloud computing you can assign resources from a network of virtual machines to perform the same function.


Cloud Computing: The Las Vegas Metaphor

If you are visiting Las Vegas for a weekend, would you rather buy a second home or book a room in a large casino?

Well, the cost of a second home is a lot higher.  … Read More »

Social Engineering: The Science of Tricking People

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What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering is an Information Security Term referring to the act of manipulating or tricking people to share confidential information.

A bad guy is trying to trick you into spilling the beans!


Have you seen a spy movie? Typically the Social Engineering attack is the scene where the main character tells lies in order to get past the guard at a corporate office or data center. They usually find out as much as they can about the company to sound legitimate.

In this day in age, it is difficult to “Trust” people. Attacks come from every angle and it is important to be on your guard. Teach your kids about these scams and they can protect themselves. My rule of thumb is to Be wary of a any unsolicited communication!

On a lighter note. I have … Read More »

IT Support for the Home

Posted on June 25th, by Cathy Olsen in Tech Tuesday, Technology Explained. 5 comments

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IT support staff for the home?

Oh, wouldn't that be nice! Most of us moms get to try and be the IT support function for the home. I am not a desktop/mobile technology expert, but I have fielded many “IT Support” calls for the home. Here are some tips to help ease the pain next time your printer, phone or computer don't behave.

IT Support for the home Tips!
IT Support Tip #1: CTL-ALT-DEL!

In my IT tech days we called this the 'Vulcan Grip!' (If you are any way close to a nerd you will think that was funny!). Press all three buttons in that order. Sounds complicated but YOU CAN DO IT!

Windows:CLT-ALT-DEL – select 'Task Manager.'


This will allow you to see all of the processes that are running. If there … Read More »

Internet Safety Cheat Sheet

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I found this Internet Safety Cheat Sheet on Pinterest the other day.  What a great idea!

Please go to the Internet Safety Cheat Sheet site and enter your e-mail address to get the full PDF.


She updates the cheat sheet as changes are made to the various systems.  I am signed up!

Thank you Jen for making this!


Securemama KSL Studio 5 – YouTube Safety

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I was on TV again!!

I have posted about YouTube Safety Tips. Click on that link to get the written list that was discussed on the show. I think it went pretty well. If you have any other tips or apps you have liked to protect your kids on YouTube please leave a comment!

Here is the behind the scene dish:

It was such a fun experience to be on the KSL set to tape my segment on YouTube Safety. I was so worried about what I was going to wear. I was so worried about the red shirt. It had Shoulder Pads!! I can't believe it! 80′s are really back! My sister-in-law who is a stylist insisted that I wear it. Luckily I have a friend that can do make-up as well.

I got to sit in the dressing room with the lights … Read More »

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