Web Filter for All!

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Web-Filter for ALL!

Congratulations Will and Kate!

Just like I will congratulate siblings and relatives on their upcoming arrivals, I am so happy for the Royal Family and the new HEIR TO THE THRONE!  Yes, I did watch the two-hour date-line special that went in the very details of the arrival, which consisted of looking at the outside of the hospital and talking to people that happened to be there.

Prime Minister Wants a Safer Environment for the New Monarch!

The Prime Minister announced that Great Britain will limit pornography for Internet subscribers by default.  See full article from the BBC.  The Prime Minister stated that he is not trying to be a “moralise or scaremonger” but he is deeply concerned about the affect of pornography and the exploitation of children.  The new rulings will require Internet Providers to filter pornography to a 'family setting.'  This includes public wifi networks where children may be present.  If someone would like to remove the filter, they can opt-out of the filter.

What about a Web-Filter for the U.S.?

Even thought I have a web-filter on my network and our mobile devices, I still cannot trust that EVERY home and business has a web filter in place.  I would love to see this change in the United States, but it will not come without a fight.

Wild Wild West of the World Wide Web

It has been 10 years since the bubble burst on the dot com companies.  Have we made progress?  When and how will the Internet be a more regulated space?

Remember Nabster? It didn't take long before artists started to sue and take legal action to bring down the large media sharing networks.  Yes, pirated music and movies still exist, but it is not main stream.

What about taxing items purchased online?  It won't be long before large “big box” stores get their wish and “even the playing field” with Internet sellers on Amazon and eBay.

Yes, changes have been made, but any major changes in regulating the Internet have been a hard fought battle.  I would say we are moving slowing.

“Freedom” of Internet

Once you begin talking about web filters and censorship, Americans typically think that they are being 'controlled' and 'censored.' Why should the government control what I can do on the Internet?! They don't own it! 

Telco companies will resist and fight saying that this filtering will reduce speeds and complicate operations.  They will say, how do you effectively manage the black list?  Internet Providers have had the luxury of placing the connection and collecting bills on an endless basis.  Well, hopefully one day companies take responsibility and put a stop to the flood of trash that is available to almost every home.

worryingAre We Changing Fast Enough?

Through my speaking engagements and interactions online, Parents are concerned.  I know that many parents are just trying to do their best.  However, their best may not be enough. You can only control what is in your home.  Once your child steps over the threshold, you cannot control what they may be exposed to.  It isn't right that we should 'worry' so much.  Worrying doesn't do anything!

As parents, we have fought and won many battles.  Parents can win this battle too, if they stop worrying and do something.  Secure your home first!  See Internet Safety Checklist.  Talk to your local libraries and schools.  Make sure they have web filters in place.  Talk to state and local civic leaders about Internet Safety awareness opportunities in your area.

Vision of the Future

We all are wearing something way cooler than Google Glasses!


Yes, these glasses may be the wave of the future in the next few years.  But with them will be a completely 'Connected' society.  Social media will transform to this futuristic Internet Identity.  Remember Minority report?  It will be easy to connect to people across the globe.  It will be harder to have a false identity.


Protection for children.

Worrying will be a thing of the past!  The potential for pornography exposure to kids will be as repulsive. Just like seeing “Betty” from Mad Men smoking while pregnant, we will know better and will have web filters and built-in constraints in place to protect our kids.

The Dark Side of the Internet will Lose.

Yes, the most profitable Internet companies typically deal with some type of vice .. nudity, gambling, etc.  However, most people are good people.  All parents want the best for their kids.

The force is strong with us! 

Parents will use the force to combat this dark side of the Internet and defeat evil!  Joking aside, there will always be some sort of vice available to the Internet.  The difference is that in order to gain access you would have to actively seek it out.  You will not be able to stumble upon it.

I will fly my Cadillac over a forest!

Any prediction I make of the future may look as corny and campy as this retro-futuristic picture.  However, there is at least the wish that someday the 'Internet' will be a way of life and not such a dark and scary place!


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