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Security Alert: UPDATED – Update Java on your Web Browser!

Posted on January 11th, by Cathy Olsen in Security, Tutorial. 1 Comment

What is Java?

Java is an object oriented programming language.  The Java virtual machine allows a program to work on different types of computers.  Do you recognize the logo?  Do you ever get reminders that you need to update your JVM?  Remember updates are important: Updates Updates Updates!


Go to the JAVA page to download the latest version.  If you have a version that is below version 7, uninstall Java and install the latest version.  Oracle is no longer supporting Java versions 6 and earlier.

Why should I care?

Hackers love to attack the Java Virtual machine and java web applications because they could potentially gain access to administrative functions on your computer.  Since the Java Virtual machine can work across multiple platforms, it doesn't matter if you have a mac, PC, or even linux box, you could potentially be vulnerable.

The United States Computer Emergency … Read More »

Smartphone Photography Tips

Posted on October 8th, by Cathy Olsen in Technology, Tutorial. 1 Comment


We all have cameras on our smart phones. They CAN take pretty decent pictures. It's sad that my Canon Rebel doesn't see the light of day now that I can snap a quick picture on an outing with the kids. Now you will obviously NOT get the same quality as a SLR (Single Lens Reflux) camera, but if you follow the tips below, you will be surprised at how GOOD the pictures can look.

First know the limitations for a Smartphone camera.


Smartphone Photography Tip #1: Know your limitations!
Smartphone Cameras do not like:
[list style="cross"]

Low light
Fast Motion
Sunlight into the lens

Smartphone Photography Tip #2: Learn to work with Limitations!


[list style="idea"]

Add external light  - Open a curtain or turn on a light in the room if possible in a low light situation.  Do NOT use the flash.  I haven't see many phones with an attractive … Read More »

How to Install K9 Web Filter

Posted on August 30th, by Cathy Olsen in Home Computer, Tutorial, Video. 3 comments

Internet Safety: Get Filtered!

We all talk about installing a web filter.  But I KNOW that some of you think it is this CRAZY technical project and you couldn't possibly know how to do it.  Well, below is a video tutorial describing how to install the K9 Web Filter on your home computer.  It is very easy to follow.  If you have any questions please leave a comment.

[media url="" width="600" height="400" jwplayer="autostart=true"]


Review of K9 Web Filter

1. Easy to Install – This application installs like any other application that you would download from the Internet.

2. Easy to Configure – The dashboard is pretty self-explanatory.  You can change settings for filter levels, customized filtering, allowed time periods, actions when a website is blocked. etc.

3. The Barking is Annoying – I turned on the barking option (bark when blocked) thinking that is a great … Read More »

Top Ten Ways to Secure your Mobile Device

Posted on August 1st, by Cathy Olsen in Mobile Security, Tutorial. 1 Comment


Why is Mobile Security such a hot topic?

The popularity of having a 'Smart Phone' and having an Internet Connection wherever you are has dramatically increased the past two years.  However, how does Internet Safety relate to mobile use?  You can now use your Smart Phone to do the majority of activities that you would normally do on a computer!

Social Networks
Web browsing
Downloading and using Apps
Txt Messaging
Oh yeah .. It is a phone too!  You also can make phone calls!

Because Smart phones are so versatile and handy, there is a lot of sensitive data that could be stolen and malicious transactions performed!
How do I protect myself?

1. Install only Apps that you NEED!

Many applications are accessing data on your phone without any warning or description of this upon installation.  In my post  'Are your applications being naughty?' I discussed a new App by … Read More »

How to install Open DNS!

Posted on July 23rd, by Cathy Olsen in Popular, Tutorial. 6 comments

[media url="" width="600" height="400"]


Internet Safety and OpenDNS

When trying to provide Internet Safety for the home, web filtering is one of the hot topics for parents. OpenDNS is a FREE web filtering service.  Once implemented, it filters traffic for your entire network.

It filters traffic for ALL Internet enabled devices:

Game Consoles
Mobile Devices (iTouch, iPhone, Android, iPad)
BluRay Players

Let me repeat:

OpenDNS filters all traffic for ANY device connected to your Network!!
How does OpenDNS work?
[frame align="left"][/frame]
DNS Explained

DNS “Domain Name System (DNS) is a service that occurs in the background of your Internet traffic.  Think of it as an address book for the Internet.  Every website has an IP address let's say  It is a unique IP address and your communication with that website is through that address.   However, it would be difficult to have a list of favorite 'IP addresses.'  Instead, websites have … Read More »

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