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Guided Access

Do you entertain your kids with a iPhone or iPad ?

[list style="check"]

  • at the doctors?
  • at the store?
  • at a restaurant?

While they have your phone or iPad, do your kids ever …

[list style="check"]
  • click on advertisements?
  • click on the 'home' button and are upset that there game is 'gone?'
  • try to purchase 'coins' or 'points' with real money?
  • post their highest score on YOUR facebook page?

Don't get frustrated ..

Turn on Guided Access on your Apple device!

I just figured it out today and I love it !!

Here is the link to the Apple Article covering guided access.

What is Guided Access?

Guided access allows you to restrict the native mobile functions – 'home' button, power button, landscape mode.

Guided access can restrict areas of the screen to be disabled. 

See below to how I have restricted the top ad banner and the share button on the 'Klidescope' app.  See how I have touched the top advertisement banner and nothing happens!




How to turn on Guided Access

Go to:

Tap Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access to set up Guided Access.

From there you can:

  • Turn Guided Access on or off
  • Set a passcode that controls the use of Guided Access and prevents someone from leaving an active session
  • Set whether the device can go to sleep during a session
  • Start a Guided Access session

Starte a Guided Access Session

  1. Open the app you want to run.
  2. Triple-click the Home button.
  3. Adjust settings for the session then click Start.
  4. Disable app controls and areas of the app screen by circling prtions of the screen.

End a Guided Access Session

  1. Triple-click the Home button.
  2. Enter the passcode that you set within the 'Guided Access' Settings.
  3. Press 'End'

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  1. apple store says:

    Howdy, I got over to your post via Twitter. Not a thing I generally read, however I really enjoy your perspectives nevertheless. Many thanks for putting together some thing worthy of reading!

  2. Cathy Olsen says:

    Glad you liked it!

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