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A Call to Action!

Posted on December 28th, by Cathy Olsen in Securemama Site, Security. 2 comments

This post is as much for myself as it is for anyone reading.  I have neglected this site long enough.  Life gets in the way However, this topic of security for the home has not left my mind.  I think I felt somewhat self-conscious about my soap box.  I don't want people to feel guilty.  I don't want to add stress to their life.  I understand the complexities of EVERY gadget that you might have.  I also know it can be REALLY confusing to figure out how to make it secure.

However, I continue to see news articles of information being leaked or stolen.  I continue to see increasing trends of addiction to pornography, on-line gambling, etc. I can't be self conscious of this message.  We can't just sit back and TRUST that nothing will happen.

The Intenet is still in … Read More »

Is your foundation secure? – Operating System Updates

Posted on February 25th, by Cathy Olsen in Anti-Virus, Home Computer, Security. 1 Comment

Since being a homeowner, there is one thing that you dread and try to avoid.  WATER DAMAGE.  It doesn't matter if you have a new house or old house.  When it rains, depending on the grade of the land, the water will try and find a way into your house.   We just went through a basement renovation.   Before the renovation, there was a suspicious area that would get damp every time it rained.  We pulled away the dry wall and it was all rotted.  And there it was.  A hairline crack in the foundation where the water would seep through.  We fixed the crack and created a channel for the water to drain under neath the house.  We got all of the framing and dry wall done.  The night when the dry wall was done was a really big rain … Read More »

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