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Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus – Does my Computer have a Cold? – Updated

Posted on April 25th, by Cathy Olsen in Technology Explained. 2 comments

Well, it's been a few years since I visited this topic.  We have seen a rise in trojans (malware that hide in the computer to capture information) that have led to Identity theft, fraudulent wire transfers.   (Are you Scared yet?!)

The MAC computer is no longer 'immune' to these viruses as we saw that over 50 million macs were infected a few weeks ago.  This isn't about just saving your computer or piece of technology.  It is about PROTECTING YOUR INFORMATION!!


As a mom, I have come to accept the fact that my kids will get a cold almost 3 times a year.  Believe it or not, my kids like to play with other kids.  My kids like to go to parks, and even indoor play gyms.  Even though these activities increase the chances of getting a cold, I don’t want … Read More »

Is your foundation secure? – Operating System Updates

Posted on February 25th, by Cathy Olsen in Anti-Virus, Home Computer, Security. 1 Comment

Since being a homeowner, there is one thing that you dread and try to avoid.  WATER DAMAGE.  It doesn't matter if you have a new house or old house.  When it rains, depending on the grade of the land, the water will try and find a way into your house.   We just went through a basement renovation.   Before the renovation, there was a suspicious area that would get damp every time it rained.  We pulled away the dry wall and it was all rotted.  And there it was.  A hairline crack in the foundation where the water would seep through.  We fixed the crack and created a channel for the water to drain under neath the house.  We got all of the framing and dry wall done.  The night when the dry wall was done was a really big rain … Read More »

Anti-Virus Explained – Malware, Trojan Horse, WHA … ??

Posted on February 5th, by Cathy Olsen in Technology Explained. No Comments

So, I had a follow-up question regarding Anti-Virus software. 

How can my computer STILL get infected if I have anti-virus software?

What is Malware?  Malware is short for malicious software.  It is any software that is designed to infiltrate a computer without the users consent.  Malware includes the following attack vectors:

Computer Virus -A program that can copy itself and infect a computer.
Worm – A special type of virus that is self-replicating.
Trojan Horse – A destructive program that masquerades as a benign application.  (ring a bell? Greek History … Trojan Horse?) This program can collect and transmit data, gain remote access to your computer, or destroy different components of the computer – this is known as a Denial of Service  (DoS) attack.
Spyware – Any software that covertly gathers user information through the user's Internet connection without his or her knowledge, … Read More »

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