Why Should We Care?

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The world is a different place from when we grew up.

When I grew up, there was a phone cord.   You had to physically sit by the phone or get a ridiculously long phone cord for any kind of privacy. Also, when I grew up, there was a real possibility that someone could be ease dropping on your conversations.  When I grew up, If your friend wanted to talk to you, they would have to call the 'home phone' or physically walk to your house.  When I grew up, you had to go to the library to write a research report. (I'm starting to sound like Grandpa Simpson)

However, today it is so much easier to access information and communicate with people.  There are advantages and disadvantages to this.

There seems to be this virtual world that is every much as part of our lives as our house or neighborhood.  There are virtual 'friends' 'communities' 'shops' etc.  All of these advances in communication can have a positive impact.  (don't get me wrong .. I am NOT anti-Internet)  However, if kids and (let's face it) some adults are left to explore this virtual world without any knowledge, guidelines or boundaries, many devastating events could occur: Identity theft, on-line bullying, and inappropriate access to sexual content, etc…

Everything is VERY accessible and only a click away. (The other day my 18-month old was playing with my cell phone and was one button away from ordering a porn application.. Ga'ak!)

Every parent cares about their home.  They insure it.  They pay the mortgage.  They change the locks.  They lock the doors.  They know who is coming and going within their walls … etc.

What are we doing to protect our Virtual home?

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